A la carte

Discover the gastronomy of the Périgord region.

Le Mirandol invites you to discover the flavours of our terroir. Our traditional recipes cooked with fresh local products.


Soup of the Day 8,50€

Homemade Duck Liver Pâté 18,50€

Pan-Fried Duck Liver with a Mango Sauce 19,00€




Salad with Gizzards, Apples, Walnuts, Diced Bacon 9,50€

Salad with Dried Duck Breast, Pan-Fried Duck Liver and Walnuts 18,50€

Hot Goat Cheese on Toast and Salad 12,50€



Black truffle from Périgord Omelette 22,00€

Omelet with Ceps or Chanterrelle Mushrooms 12,00€

Fricassée of Ceps Mushrooms 12,00€



Stew of Beans and Duck Leg 14€

Preserved Duck Leg with Ceps Mushrooms 14€

Duck Breast with Truffle 15€

Chicken with Cahors Wine 13,50€

Sweetbreads with morels 25,00€

Fillet of Beef with Foie Gras 25,00€

Duck Tournedos Rossini 19.50€



Homemade Marinated almon smoked by our beech wood cares 12,50€

Pikeperch White Butter Sauce With rice 17,50€



Home-Made Walnuts Tart 6,50€

Home-Made Apple Tart 6,50€

Home-Made Lemon Tart 6,50€

Home-Made Caramel Custard 6,50€

Home-Made « Fondant » Chocolate Pudding 6,50€

Roland Manouvrier Ice Cream or Sorbet (2 scoops) 5,00€

We can elaborate special menus for groups on demand.